The purpose of the procedure in bringing about Vamana drug (medicinal) vomiting that removes stagnant waste Kapha dosha in the body. During the procedure, Purva Karma oiling and sweating are important.

Internal and external use of the oil  Amam (waste) which have accumulated deep inside Dhatus. After a period of three to seven days of treatment effect becomes remarkable oil - it becomes shiny skin, a small amount of oil appears in the urine and feces. These and other indicators suggest that oil treatments allow patients to achieve a state samyagyoga, i.e. optimal condition where further oil treatment is not necessary. Excessive oiling called atiyoga and insufficient - ayoga. The first condition should be adjusted, and the second procedure, continue to the next stages of treatment the patient is allowed only with samyagyoga.

Steaming enhances the subtle channels in the body, allowing liquefied Amam pass through the subtle channels in the body and get into Costa (gastrointestinal tract). When the body is properly prepared, vomiting sessions are painless and easy. After the procedure, you must clear the mucus, which is achieved by gargling. After that the patient for some time recommended complete rest.

Vämana procedure is effective and eliminates chronic diseases such as the common cold, asthma, arthritis and certain skin diseases. However, treatment is not recommended for use in pregnant women, the elderly, debilitated patients and those who suffer from diseases of the heart and liver.

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