Panchakarma therapy works very gently, readjusting our body more healthy functioning, but nevertheless it is necessary for a doctor's support and to achieve optimal results treatments should be carried out carefully by trained physicians.

Panchakarma in India’s leading private Ayurvedic clinic for all sort of herbal medicine manufacturing and treatment. Here, from the very beginning, we provide the use of age-old medical knowledge in its classical form and modern adaptation to local conditions. Panchakarma principles are always the same: a solution - MOBILIZE – WITHDRAW.

Panchakarma - a system of precisely synchronized physical methods of treatment that gently and deeply to help the body get rid of the remnants of metabolism and thus neutralize the basis of many diseases.

Once the body is cleansed, all the other treatments can do better. Self-healing forces are activated, and the body can better respond to the highly effective herbal medicines Ayurveda.

But how much attention we pay and the pace at which we work together, not only depends on person to person, but also on the different phases of life: we are with the utmost care to attune your Panchakarma treatment with your current physical strength. Our experience has shown that in this way Panchakarma can become a successful experience for almost everyone.


Vamana Treatment in Delhi The purpose of the procedure in bringing about Vamana drug (medicinal) vomiting that removes stagnant waste Kapha dosha in the body. During the procedure, Purva Karma oiling and sweating are important.
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Virechana Treatment in Delhi Virechana is a procedure for cleaning of the small intestine and pitta zone organs - the liver and gallbladder. It works in a downward direction to remove Pitta associated ama as acid secretions. Because of the close connection pitta with blood, this procedure also helps to cleanse the latter.
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Basti Treatment in Delhi Basti (Basti) - is one of the methods of Ayurvedic medicine. There are several types of Basti - internal and external.
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Nasaya Treatment in Delhi According to Ayurveda, Nasya - the best cure for the problems with the neck, and do not be surprised that most neck during the procedure no one will do. This is a rare opportunity to finally get rid of chronic rhinitis and nasal congestion.
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