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The research inputs from various studies and with technological advancement ; prevention against various epidemic like infectious diseases with vaccination , better vector management , Surgeries, post-surgery care, treatment of most of infectious disorders , better diagnostic tools , Emergency care, obstetrics and symptomatic management is possible with modern conventional medicine.

But iatrogenic disorders, developing resistance of antibiotics, failure of symptomatic management in various chronic complex disorders including cancer. Steep rise in non- infectious complex disorders, genetic, geriatric disorders, psychological disorders, malignancies, frequent outbreaks of viral infections with newer stains, more focus on the diagnosis n treatment of disease without taking care of the diseased, a gap in understanding the relation between life style & eating habits, decreasing levels of health states with genesis of diseases.

Ayurveda -Ancient Indian System of Medicines has the potential but the state, facilities and approach in almost all educational, research institutes, hospitals and dispensaries of the field are in very bad shape & the approach with focussed on symptomatic relief which is the strength and failed approach of modern system of medicine. This common approach is good for general diseases.

With these facts in mind Vedanta Ayurveda is initiated By Dr Prasher in 1998 after doing MD (Ayurveda) from Institute of Post Graduate of Teaching & Research in Ayurveda, Jamnagar, GAU. During PG studies I tried a formulation from Charaka Samhita with focus on the understanding the principle behind development of newer conventional dosage form and in selecting the combinations of herbs with personalized approach based on Ayurveda matrix. After good experience with this approach Dr Prasher started with same methods of diagnosis of health state, early prediction of possible diseases in a person, prescription for personalized life-style & dietary guideline to avoid the manifestation of possible diseases and improvement in the scale of health state. The remedies to reverse the disease process in most of the chronic complex disorders. Dr Prasher has treated more 50,000 cases of various chronic diseases of vary diverse nature with more than 70% success rate.

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