Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases of modern times and it is second largest cause of death in USA.

Uncontrolled division of cells initiated from external carcinogens by surpassing the internal available protective processes like immunity, cell apoptosis etc. The disease manifestation may be limited to one types of cells / one organ /multiple organs / multiple organ systems. Associations with the disease with a numbers of genes are found.

Core pathological processes involved are nuclear/ mitochondrial DNA abrasions, genetic, epigenetic changes, inflammatory processes, immuno-compromised, altered metabolic pathways, altered behavior of protective phenomenon like apoptosis, most of the energy utilized by growth of cancer cells and related mechanics for normal cells get freezed/ altered.


Carcinoma Treatment in Delhi Carcinoma is a form of malignant tumor that is developed from the ectomdermal or endodermal germ layers.. The carcinoma is one of the most usual type of cancer ever existed in humans such that of colon, lungs, breast, hepatocellur, colorectal, renal cell carcinoma and ovarian.
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Sarcoma Treatment in Delhi Sarcomas - generic name of malignant tumors, which are formed from different types of connective tissue. They are characterized by a progressive, very rapid growth and frequent relapses, especially in children. This behavior is due to the accelerated development of sarcomas at a young age the connective and muscular tissue.
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Myeloma Treatment in Delhi Myeloma or multiple myeloma refers to hematological malignancies - malignant tumors of blood cells. In multiple myeloma tumor in the process involves plasma cells, which are part of the immune system, namely B-limotsity. Tumor development occurs in the bone marrow from the cancer cells spread throughout the body.
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Lymphoma Treatment in Delhi Lymphoma is called a cancer of the lymphatic system. Inherently lymphoma is a disease of the bodys cells, as other types of cancer. In different parts of the bodys cells function differently.
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Leukemia Treatment in Delhi Leukemia (blood cancer) is a group of cancer diseases of the blood-forming system - more specifically, leukemia is a malignant disease of the bone marrow. When leukemia caused bone marrow to many, mostly immature and non-functional white blood cells ( leukocytes ), which displace the healthy white and red blood cells - thus the term leukemia passes (= "white blood") from.
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